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Tree Removal In Leeds

Updated: May 20, 2021

Back in mid march we quoted for the removal of trees and also a complete reduction of trees in Moor Allerton in Leeds. On quoting several options were suggested to the customer, with of course our best advice.

Once all the appropriate permissions were granted by Leeds City Council a mutually convenient date was arranged and we set about the work on the trees.

As with a lot of our Tree Services. Tom takes care of the climbing and working at height. He is a qualified and experienced arborist. Walt takes care of the ground work, supporting Tom with his climbing and also cutting up the tree in order for Lewis to complete his task of clearing up and putting all the tree through the chipper. Its this team ethos that really enables to not only work quickly, but also safely and effectively making us one of the best Tree Surgeon in Leeds

Arborist at work in the Leeds area

The customer actually stayed out in the garden to watch us. Not because he was concerned about our work, however more so in his words 'I wanted to see how difficult a job you guys did' He was extremely impressed not only with the technical side, but also the hard work that goes into to tree felling and tree reduction. So much so, once planning permission has been granted for a large summer house, we will be heading back to remove more trees for him

Tree surgeon cutting a tree in Leeds

Tree surgeon at work in the Leeds area

We look forward to being back in Moor Allerton for more Tree Surgery work

To view us in action, here is a video of us which will give you an insight into how we go about our works whilst working on Trees in the Leeds West Yorkshire area. Click here to view

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