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Conifer Cutting and Reduction in East Leeds

Back in March we were asked to quote to reduce some large conifer hedges and also to trim the conifer hedges. After the visiting the customer on an evening and providing them with a quote for cheap conifer trimming and reduction we arranged a mutually convenient time for Hunters Tree Care to come and take care of the garden maintenance and care of the conifer.

On arrival, as always, we introduce ourselves to the customer and give a brief overview of our workflow. This is important as not only does the customer get to know us as a team, but will generally know what we will be doing on their property. At Hunters Tree Care we believe customers should feel comfortable with us whilst we are on their property. Once the plan was in place, we set about trimming the rather large conifer, and also getting Walt safely in position to reduce the conifer hedge at the top. Tom would be trimming the conifer from the ground whilst Lewis took care of the ground clear up and any communications or requests from the customer. To see and read about our team, please click here

Tree surgeon using a chain saw for reducing a conifer hedge

A team of Tree Surgeons cutting a conifer hedge in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Arborist trimming a conifer hedge

Conifer Hedge maintenance by Hunters Tree Care a company in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Overall the reduction, trimming and overall maintenance of the conifer took us around two hours from start up to complete clearance of the cuttings into the chipper ready to be taken away

Before leaving we spoke to the customer and of course showed the garden work that had been carried out. Once again another happy customer who had booked us to trim the conifer hedges and also reduce the conifers from the top.

A short video of this conifer work in Leeds can be seen by clicking here this will take you to a YouTube video with the use of a drone and camera to showcase our top class highly sought after Garden Maintenance Service in Leeds

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