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Hunters Tree Care Are Tree Maintenance Specialists In Leeds

We are a team of 3 arborists each bringing a wealth of experience and skills to ensure the work we carry out is done to an exceptional standard.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Tom is the owner of Hunters Tree Care and will often be the first point of contact. Tom lives in East Leeds and has been working in garden services for over 6 years. He will be the Tree Surgeon who will visit you to provide you with a very reasonable quote for the work you may want doing in your garden. Tom is always happy to provide his opinion on garden and tree issues drawing on his experiences on being an arborist. He is a fully qualified, experienced and insured Tree Surgeon and Arborist. 


Walt, (is actually called Tom, but having two Toms can be confusing) is also a fully qualified tree surgeon and arborist and has been with Hunters Tree Care since the early days. He has vast experience in a huge range of garden services


If Tom is climbing, Walt will be on the ground co-ordinating the on the ground operations. He also supports Tom with rigging and/or passing things up into the Tree that is being maintained. His work includes assisting the felling of large pieces of the tree, sawing up what has already been cut down and assisting Lewis (see below) by taking off cuts to be disposed of. Walt is a father of two young children, hence the Spiderman visor!


Lewis joined in Hunters Tree Care in 2018 due to the continued increase in popularity for our garden services.   


Lewis keeps his feet on the ground for now, his work, although not the glory work is extremely important. He supports both Tom and Walt and is also responsible for the clear up. Ensuring not only is our work done to the highest standard, but when we leave, we leave the workspace as agreed during the initial consultation. Some customers want us to leave some wood for their own personal use, some will want us to chip all of the wood and leave it in their garden, whereas other will want a complete garden clearance. Lewis is a friendly outgoing person and will always will be available to you should you wish to discuss anything whilst we are working on your property.


"We are a team of experienced, friendly, respectful hard working garden and tree specialists who can take care of any of your garden needs. Whether that's conifer trimming, a tree removal, crown reduction, stump grinding or even a fence installation in Leeds. Myself and the team have the experience and skills to be able to carry out that work to the highest standards and at very competitive rates. We predominantly work in the Leeds area but can travel to Wakefield, Bradford and York"


Tom Heath, Owner Hunters Tree Care   

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